Pack of 10 3 compartment meal prep containers

Pack of 10 3 compartment meal prep containers

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GYM-PAK Meal Prep Food Containers - Pack of 10 x 32oz

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When choosing which meal prep containers to use for our GYM-PAK brand we sampled every container on the market and these are without a doubt the best and strongest containers out there.

Meal prep is probably one of the most important aspects of nutrition. Especially if you are eating for a specific goal or body transformation, whether it be losing weight or gaining muscle or just making sure that we are eating the right foods at the right times and not snacking.


These stackable containers are great as they barely take up any room in your cupboards, and also take up much less room in your fridge.

GYM-PAK containers are also stronger, better quality and more cost effective than isolator fitness containers.


Microwave Safe

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Leak proof with snap on lids

BPA Free

Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.85"x 1.75"

Compartments: two 225ml compartments and one 500ml


Check out our video on youtube -  (GYM-PAK Meal Prep Containers) here.

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