6x 24oz Meal-Management-System FoodBag UK Iso Fitness Cooler Prep Bag IcePacks

6x 24oz Meal-Management-System FoodBag UK Iso Fitness Cooler Prep Bag

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Our meal management system is perfect for health and fitness fanatics and for people who want to have organised meals to take to work.

When it comes to GYM-PAK it's all about eating your own food at your own convenience. We know how important good nutrition is to you, and with our meal management system you will never skip another meal again. Not only that, but you will now eat the correct portionsizes, at the correct times, wherever suits you the best.


Not only is our GYM-PAK bag  the lightest weight, but it is also a fully functional, fully insulated fridge in a bag, which keeps your meals cool and fresh for up to ten hours.


Where our bags differ from most, is they're a complete nutrition starter pack with loads of storage space that come  fully loaded  with everything you will need to aid you in achieving your goals:-

  • A fully insulated bag with three separate compartments one for food containers, one for your shaker and water bottle, a top compartment for cutlery / fruit, pill container pocket and two side pockets.
  • A fully adjustable shoulder strap
  • Three environmentally friendly, BPA free, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe 24oz (x 6) compartment food containers with leak proof snap-on lids.
  • pill container with five compartments for supplements
  • A 600ml protein shaker bottle with grid blending system, protein powder pot and pill holder all in one
  • A 500ml squeeze and go water bottle
  • One gel cold pack (freeze in an hour, stay cold for up to 10 hours)


Check out our GYM-PAK bag on YouTube here:

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WARNING - The bag should not be put in the washing machine; clean gently with a wet cloth.


Check out our video of our containers on youtube -  (GYM-PAK Meal Prep Containers) here:


We have 16oz, 24oz, 28oz and 38oz containers. Along with shakers, pill pots and gym bag variations.

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